Homo floresiensis hub bub

There be a lot of talk around the blogosphere about the Dean Falk endocast analysis of the Homo floresiensis brain, and quite frankly I’m more than impressed with the results. As I was making my obsessive mid-afternoon rounds of weblogging, I stumbled upon a one of a kind Pharyngula post, Homo floresiensis‘s brain – Igor didn’t screw up! and the comparitive images of endocast scans of chimpanzee, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, and Homo floresiensis brains presented are amazing.

You maybe asking yourself, “For the love of God, Kambiz, stop being a pompous and pretentious wannabe! What the hell is a microcephalic?!” Well, well my dear audience have no fear, the definition is and I quote:

Main Entry: 1mi·cro·ce·phal·ic
Pronunciation: “mI-krO-s -‘fal-ik
Function: adjective
having a small head; specifically : having an abnormally small head

I’m more convinced now than ever, that Flores man is a completely different species because this is another line of evidence that I addressed in my hominid hoax rant. I guess I was a bit too reactionary a couple weeks ago in my critique. Nonetheless, everyone can now clearly see now the outstanding morphological differences between the species especially comparing and contrasting Flores man to modern humans in both side and front views.

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