Acquisition of language over genes in India

Though I cannot find the article in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science to really get at the meat of the article, I feel that this National Geographic News article titled, "India Acquired Language, Not Genes, From West, Study Say" suffices to blog on. Conducted by Vijendra Kashyap, director... Continue Reading →

Redating Vindija Neandertal fossils

Tom Higham has helped out paleoanthropologist Erik Trinkaus and his team redate the fossil remains of Neandertals from the G1 level of the Vindija cave site in Croatia. In 1998-99, excavations in the Vindija caves yielded fossil Neandertals as well as cave bear bones, lead by a team who included Trinkaus; the Neandertal fossils were... Continue Reading →

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