Rest in Peace Clifford Geertz

Rex of Savage Minds shares with us sobering news that famous cultural anthropologist Clifford Geertz has passed away. There was some skepticism that it maybe a bad joke, but unfortunately Dr. Geertz's death has been officially anounced by Institute for Advanced Study. Here's an excerpt from the post, "Clifford Geertz, an eminent scholar in the... Continue Reading →

PLoS Medicine just published a whole lot on Medical Anthropology

Thanks to Paul Wren's post which he submitted to our first blog carnival, I've kept my eye out for PLoS Medicine publications on medical anthropology. It hasn't been even a week, and my patience has paid off. I haven't had much time to read each abstract, let alone each paper but they seem very strong... Continue Reading →

Smithsonian refuses to exhibit Lucy

In my ignorance, I eagerly advocated Lucy's travels over here to the States, earlier this week. I did so because I thought it would be important to see, even despite the ulterior motives of the tour. Several institutes are rallying up and agreeing that Lucy should actually not travel. This because the fossils are too... Continue Reading →

State of the Site – Year One

Today, October 25th, 2006 is the one-year anniversary of For those of you reading this site regularly, I thank you for doing so. This is the longest running project that I have ever led, and I wouldn rsquo;t be keeping this running if I didn rsquo;t see the growth in traffic, comments, and interaction... Continue Reading →

A faint whisper of reason on Dikika

Although the dust has settled in regards to my post about the quality of research done on the now famous Dikika fossil, I feel vindicated to some degree to have read that Desmond Morris has some words of reason about this matter. I found about this news article, which features Morris, along with an exclusive... Continue Reading →

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