Dean Falk is saying Homo floresiensis was own species

Straight outta BBC News and National Geographic News comes word that Dean Falk is definitively saying Homo floresiensis was a completely new species. You can have a read at each article here, "'Hobbit' human 'is a new species'" and ""Hobbit" Was Own Species, Not Diseased Human, Brain Study Says." Falk and crew published their findings... Continue Reading →

Carvings on the walls of the pre-Aztec city of El Tajin, Mexico are being destroyed by acid rain

Right on the heals of the awesome announcement of the unearthing of a Olmec-inspired city in Mexico, is concerning news that pollution is damaging these archaeological sites within the country. Specifically, Stefan Lovgren reports in National Geographic News' "Ancient Mexican Carvings Being Erased by Acid Rain, Experts Say" that the pre-Aztec city of El Tajin,... Continue Reading →

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