New Research on Ötzi, the Iceman, Cometh

"The tattooed man stopped at the edge of the meadow and sat on a rock for a moment as he shook the old grass from his bearskin soled boots. After replacing with fresh grass and ensuring that it was evenly distributed around his feet, the man stood, gathering his bow, quiver, and snow shoes, which... Continue Reading →

How science is connected

This morning, I stumbled upon a not so much anthropology centered piece of information, but it is interesting none-the-less. The image to your right is a map of relationships among scientific papers published in certain set of natural and physcial sciences. It documents the intricacies and correlations between disciplines, and what you see is pretty... Continue Reading →

Clark Howell passed away this weekend

I just got news from an anthropology professor of mine that Francis Clark Howell has passed away this weekend. According to him, Clark Howell was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and died on Saturday. Clark Howell was a professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley and known, in my book, for criticizing the multiregional hypothesis and... Continue Reading →

Why do we kiss?

Have you ever been in mid-kiss and wondered, "Why the hell am I doing this?" If not, well firstly, I hope you have kissed someone. If you have kissed someone but haven't asked why, then I guess you just don't see the amusement in such a strange habit we, as humans, have picked up. The... Continue Reading →

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