Clark Howell passed away this weekend

I just got news from an anthropology professor of mine that Francis Clark Howell has passed away this weekend. According to him, Clark Howell was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and died on Saturday.

Clark Howell was a professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley and known, in my book, for criticizing the multiregional hypothesis and Piltdown. If you want a more desciptive biography of him, here’s one and here is a list of books he wrote.

I really can’t confirm this 110%, but I know my anthropology professor is trustworthy. He knew Dr. Howell, visits UCB every week, and was in touch with Dr. Howell as recently as two weeks ago. As of now, no press release has been issued by the University of California, Berkeley nor have other news sources covered this yet.

In my opinion, F. Clark Howell was one of the best physical/paleoanthropologists around and he will be missed.

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