Any egyptologists out there? In case there are one or two of you, or in case archaeology is your thing, you’ll hopefully be excited to hear that,

“Archaeologists got a royal surprise last week when they stumbled upon the tomb of a powerful official of the Egyptian court from 4,000 years ago.

Scientists from Belgium’s Leuven Catholic University discovered the intact tomb in the Deir Al-Barsha necropolis in El Minya, about 150 miles (241 kilometers) south of Cairo, while excavating another burial site, Egypt’s culture ministry reported Sunday.

The tomb is of Henu, a courtier and real estate manager during the tumultuous First Intermediate period (2181 to 2050 B.C.) of Egyptian history.

A cache of intact, painted statuettes of people at work, such as women making beer and pounding cereal, were arranged in the tomb.

Other statuettes featured a man working clay with a hoe and two other men carrying a bag of clay suspended from a pole.”

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Artifacts from Henu’s Tomb