Welcome to the new Anthropology.net.

After almost two years running Anthropology.net on Drupal, I got sick of all the time and energy I spent in administering the site. I got sick of maintaining databases and regular backups, and frustrated with upgrades and patches. Worrying about keeping spammers at bay with Drupal’s less than adequate spam protection troubled me. When the site was under heavy traffic, Drupal and my webserver served up webpages slower than molasses. And once my webhost pulled a Catch-22/blackmail scam on me, stating that they will permanently throttle down the resources allotted to the site unless I consider upgrading the to a higher level (and more expensive) hosting plan, I decided it is time to change.

So, I fell back on WordPress. Tried and true, WordPress is an awesome blogging platform. It is simple, clean, and powerful. It does one thing, and it does it excellently. With WordPress we will have the ability to auto-save posts as drafts, which is a blessing after having lost an unimaginable number of posts due to unforeseen internet errors. Search functions will finally be restored, and trackbacks will actually now work… making it easier to network and find information. Furthermore, WordPress.com cuts out all the administration woes that I encountered, and will help me focus on writing good content — which I prefer any day to the later.

In order to make this move, I sacrificed all the content we have built in the last two or so years. There’s no way to really move it all over here and make it just work. The old Anthropology.net won’t be gone though, it will be archived at http://old.anthropology.net indefinitely. Above all, to make this move successful, we need you to continue to this community in its new home.

So please continue to visit this site. If you were subscribe to our RSS feed, make sure you update your RSS Reader to the new RSS address — https://anthropologynet.wordpress.com/feed/. And as always, pull up a chair, read the site and comment your heart away.