Evolution of Humans according to North Korea

Guys, I hate to break it to you but I have been misinforming you all along. I have been giving you an uninformed summary of human evolution. I have been wrong, John Hawks has been wrong, Afarensis and the guys of Gene Expression have been wrong — your professors have also been wrong and you have been wrong… everyone except for the enlightened people of North Korea have been wrong when it comes to understanding human evolution.

North Korea (maybe just Kim Jong Il? has rewritten history and stated that Pyongyang is the birthplace of man,

“Ever since humanity originated, it was centered around Pyongyang. The Korean people have lived for centuries around the Teh Don Gan Basin. Korean people did not migrate from other regions to the Peninsula. Evolving through several anthropoids … Humanity finally reached the ancestors of modern Koreans: “The Black Mountain Grape Humanoids.”

Don’t believe me?

Well please, inform yourself of the correct version of human evolution by watching the following public service announcement kindly provided to you by communist DPRK:

7 thoughts on “Evolution of Humans according to North Korea

  1. I actually do not think this is meant to be for all humanity. I rather believe that due to the translation from Korean to Japanese (that movie has Japanese subtitles) to English, it was misinterpreted. It is quite common in Japanese to speak much more in general whereas the (specific,particular) meaning is commonly understood easily. Therefore, it could mean, “Ever since humanity originated, [the (only) people on the Korean peninsula were] centered around Pyongyang”. If that comes closer to truth I don’t know, but blaming whole North Korea seems a little too ironic to me anyway. TV produces a lot of crap, all over the world.

  2. This is a comedy show aired in Japan and by no means it represents the truth! I live in Japan and I saw this on TV, it was just a comedy show!

  3. Hi Frollo, thanks for clarifying that to us. I know it was dubbed over in Japanese and there are several layers of captions that complicate the true meaning behind the video.

    But, I posted this as a joke. I didn’t mean anyone to take it seriously!

    Anyways, thanks for your comment and again for clarifying what’s really going on.

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