President Bush’s history with the Skull and Bones secret society is not so much a secret anymore, especially since the following public domain photo that shows him with is club mates is on Wikipedia and making the rounds on Digg. The Skull and Bones club obviously has a selective membership to remain a secret society, and other than it keeping Masonic-inspired rituals for 175 years, not much is known about it.

President Bush & Yale’s Skull and Bones Secret Society

But what still kinda remains a secret about the Skull and Bones is that they are believed have Geronimo, a iconic Native American’s remains. He was a leader of the Chiricahua Apache and spent 25 years of his life rebelling and resisting the encroachment of the United States on his tribal lands and people.

Even though I blogged about how the Skull and Bones have Geronimo’s skull and femur over a year ago — it didn’t make too many waves in the public relations, repatriation, and ethics department in the US. I haven’t heard about what’s going on with this issue until just now, when I was also catching up on Digg headlines. See, Geronimo’s relatives have gotten word that the Skull and Bones have Geronimo’s remains. That coupled with the fact that Bush is a Bonesman, motivated them to appeal to Bush to help return Geronimo’s remains.

Harlyn Geronimo, the great grandson of Geronimo, said in a letter to Bush,

“I am requesting his help in getting the remains – the skull and the femur – returned, if they were taken. According to our traditions the remains of this sort, especially in this state when the grave was desecrated … need to be reburied with the proper rituals. To return the dignity and let his spirits rest in peace … is important in our tradition.”

Unfortunately the White House has not yet returned with a comment nor decision. And Yale can’t even help because the Skull and Bones club is a separate entity from the university. But I urge people to voice their opinion and raise some awareness about this issue. Archaeologists in the US have to abide by federal NAGPRA laws when they conduct excavations on Indian and Native American sites, whether they like too or not, and I do not think the Skull and Bones club are an exception to this law, no matter how secret they are and how much political clout they have with Bush as a member.

I really hope Bush steps up to the plate and personally resolves this issue with Geronimo’s relatives. Descendants of the Apache are deserving of at least this level of response, especially considering their families were obliterated and their graves disgraced and robbed.