Check out NOVA’s Bone Diggers on PBS next Tuesday

This morning, I was contacted by Lindsay, a promotions assistant to one of my favorite TV shows, NOVA, about the premiere of a new episode of Bone Diggers. She asked me to help spread the word about this upcoming show that may interest any osteology buffs out there.  

Thylacoleo SkullThe show is the last of the series and is airing Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 8pm ET on PBS. It will document the search for the remains of one of the world’s most bizarre prehistoric creatures—a giant predatory marsupial lion called Thylacoleo

While I know this ain’t exactly anthropology (it’s more general paleontology)  it seems like it will give people a taste of what any sort of dig is like, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you. Furthermore, Lindsay tells me that they will also discuss the threat of fossil poachers which also plagues paleoanthropology and archaeology digs as a whole. The one direct anthropological topic that the show will discuss is what finally if human hunters were responsible in overwhelming giant Ice Age creatures.

Anyways, you should definately check out this last episode of Bone Diggers, and also become a regular viewer of NOVA if you aren’t already. Why? Because, NOVA is an example of quality television, and I always learn something when I watch it.

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