Tangled Bank LXXXIII At Aardvarchaeology

The 83rd edition of the above mentioned Blog Carnival is hosted at Martin Rundkvist’s site Aardvarchaeology – here’s his introduction…

Welcome to Aardvarchaeology and the 83rd Tangled Bank blog carnival! This is the blog where all of science — natural, social and historical — is just seen as one big bunch of adjunct disciplines to the study of societies of the past. “What about medicine?”, I hear you ask. It is very good for prolonging the working lives of archaeologists. “Physics?” We do need dating methods, you know. “Zoology?” Help us classify faunal remains and reconstruct ancient economy. “Astronomy?” It’ll get us to distant inhabited planets with interesting material culture.

Plenty of fascinating posts to read, and although it’s not strictly anthropological in aspect, there’s always a very good selection of material on science topics that reflect a wider world of research and ideas that would be of relevance to many readers here. (TJ)

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