Archaeology Channel: Tikal, A CyArk Case Study

As many will be aware, the Archaeology Channel has for some time been an excellent resource for archaeology and anthropology related films and videos, with their latest offering is described thus…

Tikal, a World Heritage Site in Guatemala, exemplifies CyArk, a project of the Kacyra Family Foundation that is preserving the world’s most valued cultural heritage sites in three-dimensional digital form. Tikal, the largest ancient Mayan city, contains some of the most spectacular Mayan architecture, but is subject to natural erosion as well as the impacts of massive tourist traffic. This video shows how CyArk is preserving the site in digital imagery through laser-scanning technology and the most accurate 3D models possible today.

I hadn’t previously come across CyArk, but they have a very impressive website, including examples of other sites such as Chavin de Huantar, Mesa Verde and Tambo Colorado, amongst others of their past projects, and a visit to their site is definitely worthwhile. (TJ)

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