I’ve just been forwarded an email from Steffen Keulig, who has written up a letter in which he asks people who wish to add their voice to the request for the Tanzanian government to prohibit the Abu Dhabi royal family, and presumably anyone else, from evicting the Hadza tribespeople from their territories, thereby forcing them to relinquish the hunter-gatherer lifestyle they choose to pursue. Here’s part of Steffen’s email…

...recent developments have raised serious concerns. The Tanzanian Government is planning to lease out the Hadzabe’ s ancestral homeland territories to the “Tanzania UAE Safaris Ltd“. This company acts on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Royal family, (Prince Hamdan bin Zayed), and they plan to establish their own personal Safari playground on the Hadzabe’s traditional territories.

This eviction would spell the end for one of the last East African hunter-gatherer communities. They would become homeless and lose their traditional livelihood. It is clear from other similar evictions that these communities then become destitute and reliant on hand-outs, no longer able to survive independently. Even if there are arrangements between the parties, the Hadzabe would be unable to survive without help, as trophy hunters would rapidly deplete the wildlife of the animals that they rely on for food. Therefore, the Hadzabe themselves, unequivocally object to this project proposed by the Tanzanian Government.

He further includes two addresses to which protestors’ correspondence may be sent, and they are as follows:

Tanzania Government:

E-Mail: > tnwinfo@plancom.go.tz

Ministry of Human Resources/Tanzania:

E-Mail: > ps_csd@interafrica.com

There doesn’t as yet appear to be anyone from the Hadzabe themselves either willing or able to act as a spokesperson, and I get the impression that none is likely to be forthcoming, which means that someone or others need to speak up on their behalf. Also, there should be more avenues of approach open to those wishing to express concern in this matter, and I’ll post more here as I come across them.

Whilst checking the fPcN website, I couldn’t help but notice the many reports regarding various alleged atrocities being perpetrated by elements of the Indonesian military against indigenous people of West Papua, and once I’ve done some checking around, I’ll post something on that situation in due course. (TJ)

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