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Just a quick post to advise readers who may like to acquaint themselves with an anthropology magazine called ‘Stimulus Respond‘, which is currently available online, although they are going into print for the first time, this coming September. Here’s some comment from them regarding the identity and purpose of their publication…

Started as a respite from the mundanity of the contemporary fashion press, Stimulus is the first magazine to weave together anthropology and art with the flair of a style magazine and the attitude of street culture. Every two months, we present a combination of literature, photography, fashion, art, poetry and music in order to construct a monograph that explores the foundations of a world that we grow up to take for granted.

Like you we adore beauty in it’s simplest form. The things your friends are doing are more important than celebrities you will never meet. Stimulus is brought to you by people who write from the heart, about subjects that they are passionate about. It is a personal and cutting-edge guide to the modern, urban, world.

If you hit the ‘Back Issues’ tab on their site, you will have access to half a dozen previous editions in pdf, wherein you will find an absorbing variety of content, comprising articles, art, prose and poetry, as well as some great images, all presented within a coherent design that makes it, in my opinion, a very good read; each themed edition addresses a specific subject, ranging from Food, Self, Man/Woman and Home, through to Stories and Metropolis.

The next edition will feature Travel as its topic of choice, and is due out on July 30th, available free and online; as I mentioned earlier, the edition after that will be their first appearance in print, which judging from their online site, will be even better – pdfs have become very popular in recent years, but personally I prefer a physical artefact such as a magazine, any day of the week. They state that some material will still appear on their site, but for the print magazine, a subscription is required.

There are details at the Stimulus Respond site for readers who wish to take out a subscription to the print edition, which the editors opine will become a collector’s item – in any event, they could probably do with as much support as possible from people taking out subscriptions to help get the entire project up and running, so if you feel this is for you, feel free to head on over and sign up.

The topic if the first print edition will be Magic, and they are soliciting contributions for it, with the following suggested guidelines…

When is the everyday magical?

Is technology magic?

What is ‘the magic of the state’ and how does it manifest itself?

Is there a difference between black and white magic?

How does ‘magic’ translate cross-culturally?

The deadline for synopses and expressions of interest is 21 July, and the editorial team are listed below…

Editor in Chief
Editor – Photography
Jack Boulton

Editor – Literature
Tara Blake Wilson

Editor – Arts
Editor – Poetry
Yannis Tsitsovits

Editor – Fashion
Melina Nicolaide

Editor – Music
Amin Samman

Thanks very much, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

So if you feel you have some thoughts on ‘Magic’ as suggested above, which would make for an appropriate contribution, you have until the end of this week to send in your synopsis – and who knows, your work could appear in the first edition of a print magazine. (TJ)

image: ‘Splitting The Ergo’ – Roberto Matta, 1945-46 from here

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