The Ever-Present Past: Your Nearest Site

Martin at Aardvarchaeology has posted his archaeoblogging carnival, currently comprising 9 entries, but he’s still accepting submissions which can be added to the present complement.

When we think of archaeological sites, however, we usually like them to be pretty old and really dense in information. We don’t just want a piece of land where someone’s sheep grazed and shat in 1950. We want a settlement, a cemetery, a fort, a well-preserved field system, we want artefacts and structural remains. And such sites are also extremely common. I have asked fellow bloggers and archaeology buffs to write something about the nearest archaeological site they’re aware of. The following one-off blog carnival showcases the kind of sites bloggers live around.

I haven’t been able to get mine written up as yet, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there with sites near them that would be worth a mention – and if that’s the case, Martin would love to hear from you. (TJ)

image: “Men of the Wall” – Hadrian’s Wall 1905 from here

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