Four Stone Hearth 20 @ Afarensis, Wed. August 1st

Although I should have posted this earlier, Afarensis is hosting the next Four Stone Hearth, so this is a reminder to ask anyone who’s interested in submitting material of their own, to send it along in time for Wednesday; alternatively, if you see the work of someone else that you consider would be a worthy addition, please feel free to send that in too. Although it’s good to have new material for each carnival, not everyone always has the time to just sit down and rattle off a quick essay, so if you have, or see something suitable that was written a while back, please consider sending material of that ilk too.

image of Afar Triangle from here – interesting to think that a region which may have given birth to some of the earliest known hominids, is now slated to give birth to a new ocean, as the African and Arabian continental plates begin to drift apart – der Spiegel has more. (TJ)

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