Four Stone Hearth XX

Afarensis has just posted the latest edition of FSH, and on this occasion it’s a mixed bag of essays and articles from here and there as Afarensis explains…

I received submissions from eight people for this edition of the Four Stone Hearth. From my perambulations around the internet, however, I knew that there were more good posts than this. So I went out and drafted some folks. As I sat at my computer trying to organize the wide variety of posts assembled for this edition it began to dawn on me that I was, perhaps, a little over ambitious. I thought about just not using some of the stuff I had found, but didn’t think that would be fair. So, fair warning this edition is not a tidy well organized edition.

What we see is the wide variety of subject matter covered by the field of anthropology in all its chaotic glory. One of the interesting things about hosting the Fourstone Hearth is that you learn about new anthropology blogs – and there are several in this edition that are new to me. So, if you have not hosted before you might consider giving it a try. You can learn more about hosting here.

Next stop for the unstoppable juggernaut that is 4SH will be at Archaeolog on August 15th, so in the meantime, thanks to Afarensis for hosting the present event. (TJ)

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