Stimulus Respond – ‘Travel’

The latest issue of ‘Stimulus Respond’ is now available as a download, with ‘Travel’ as the theme running through it – you can get the pdf from here. This will be their last online edition, with future issues appearing in print – subscription details are available at their website. Here’s a message from editor Jack Boulton…

So, to this issue. We’ve made the last online issue something special. Look out for Vanessa Beecroft on page 047, as well as fashion from Sandra Buckland and Damn Romance. James Chance is also interviewed on page 061. The feature Defiant Exclamations has proved to be somewhat controversial, depicting as it does the Abu Ghraib stamp series by Giuseppe Di Bella.

So, thanks to everyone for your support over previous years, it’s been a pleasure.

But – we are not leaving, merely transforming. Please do continue to read, and check back at the website for special online content and the occasional surprise.

I haven’t had time to properly read through it yet, so in the meantime, my advice would be to head on over and check it out. (TJ)

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