Louise Leakey on Lucy’s Tour

Since I’ve expressed interest in the drama that is unfolding about Lucy’s tour, I got passed a link to a Guardian article which writes on the topic and has a very poignant quote criticism from Louise Leakey,

“If [Lucy] has to be displayed it should only be in Ethiopia, [so] that the country draws some benefit from it.”

Guys, Louise gets it.

Ethiopia will benefit very little from the tour.

It really bugs me that all the press is toting phrases that lending out Lucy will generate money for musueum building in Ethiopia, as if the US museums are doing Ethiopia a favor… When really the case is that the museums in the US will be raking in the cash, and Ethiopia will be risking one of the most important hominid fossils out there.

So to say that I see the this move by the ‘hosting’ museums as hegemonic, is an understatement.

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