Have you been catching the paleoanthropology headliner today?

I sure have.

What I’ve gathered so far is that two of the Leakeys, along with other authors, are anouncing and describing two hominid fossils their team found, KNM-ER 42700 KNM-ER 42700 Calvariaand KNM-ER 42703 from Ileret east of Lake Tukrana, Kenya. The image to your right is the KNM-ER 42700 calvaria. They go on to analyze and make some pretty bold conclusions. Here’s the most ballsy one,

two ancestral human species seem to have lived cheek-by-jowl in the same area.”

I’ve rounded up links to articles that covers news of this Nature paper… the original paper should be up tomorrow:


I’ll have more on this later, in the mean time check out what Eric has to say over at Primate Diaries.