Four Stone Hearth #21

The most current issue of the Four Stone Hearth is up at Archaeolog, and I’ll be honest… I’m a little curious about what’s going on with our anthropology blogging carnival.

This current issue has six entries, five from the same blog, and I know there shoulda been at least one more post. I submitted an entry on August 12th, specifically the Ilert fossil review, but it is not in the current issue.

I don’t know why it didn’t show up.

Maybe my Aug. 12th email with the submission got marked as spam? So, I commented on the Archaeolog post asking to see if they got my submission. It has been a long while since I submitted my comment, but my comment hasn’t shown up. Either the authors haven’t gotten around to approve my comment or they decided to moderate it.

This whole situation is no big deal really. However, I can’t help but to wonder if something fishy is going on? I hope not. When I organized the Four Stone Hearth, I didn’t plan for our anthropology blog carnival to be selective.

2 thoughts on “Four Stone Hearth #21

  1. Kambiz,

    I have to confess to being a small part of the problem… life has gotten in the way and I have not posted any relevant stuff to my blog (nor submitted it to the carnival) all summer.

    Nevertheless, this week’s version looks pretty thin!

  2. Paul, it is actually no problem that you haven’t had time to post. We all get bogged down with work, life, etc.

    My issue with the Four Stone Hearth is that my post is not in this current issue. It is not the end of the world for me, but I wonder if anyone else’s posts aren’t there as well… because then it changes the carnival from the warm, welcome place we all originally made it out to be.

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