Mauricio Antón’s Paleonathropological Illustrations

Yesterday and today have been slow days as far as anthropology news.

But no worries, I’ve been scouring the internets for content and came across Mauricio Antón’s portfolio of paleontological illustrations. He’s drawn up some entertaining but run-of-the-mill representations of humans and their ancestors, such as these Ergasters on a hunt, this antecessor collage, and a reconstruction the Bodo cranium into a portrait of a hominin.

But this family portrait of Atapuerca humans is not a normal paleoanthropological illustration. It is hilarious. I love how he took something modern, like a family photo, and made applied it to prehistoric humans. Made my day.

Atapuerca Family Portrait

4 thoughts on “Mauricio Antón’s Paleonathropological Illustrations

  1. Hey Kambiz – actually this very picture is used to illustrate the cover of ‘The Palaeolithic Societies of Europe‘ by Clive Gamble – and is described on the back cover as ‘The Sima de los Huesos family in front of their family tree at Atapuerca’ – I know it’s bit of a cultural leap to the ‘family photo’ idea, but I like the semi-bored look of the guy at bottom right.

    I should be heading to Atapuerca in the not too distant future, and hope to post something on that in due course.

  2. Wow, good job for catching this use of the image. Thanks for sharing it with us, I completely didn’t put two and two together when I saw this image!

    If you have a digital photo, please share pictures of Atapuerca! Flickr is an excellent place to dump the images if you don’t already have a place to put up the photos.

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