Bone Socks: the Perfect Anthropology Gift

This post will come off as a cheezy late night TV advertisement but I write for those out there lucky enough to have a Bone Socksanthropology buff in the family or circle of friends, because then you know how hard it is to find a gift for them. Other than books, there’s really not much out there that will entertain the osteologist in your family.

If you have faced such a dilemma, or anticipate facing such a problem, look no further. Thanks to Neatorama and Nerd Approved, I’ve come accross a place to buy these anatomically correct bone socks, from They are a great gift to give a anthropologist.

Granted they are right under $20 and that makes them a bit expensive for a pair of commodity socks that one can truthfully only sport without shame at a physical anthropologist’s meeting… but they are great gifts to give. I speak from experience. I was given this gift from my good friend Sean, and it was really thoughtful because of my personal interests in bones of the hands and feet.

P.S. – Someone commented on the Neatorama thread that Sock Dreams also sells them.

4 thoughts on “Bone Socks: the Perfect Anthropology Gift

  1. Neat socks! Although I’m rather fond of the Purple People Eater racing socks, myself. They show a pair of jaws starting at the bottom of the sock and closing in on the ankle. It’s hard to describe…

  2. These are cool. They seem to have made the rounds on the interwebs today, I say them on bOINGbOING as well.

    I haven’t taken the time to look, but do they make them in black with white bones?

    Better for those days when I’m forced into a suit.

  3. Carbonfish, I know they make these socks in black with white bones cause that’s the pair I got. But doesn’t seem to sell them in anything other than white on black… maybe Sock Dreams?

  4. Monado, I’ve looked for images of Purple People Eater racing socks and I can’t seem to find any. Do you have an link? I’m intrigued…

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