This post will come off as a cheezy late night TV advertisement but I write for those out there lucky enough to have a Bone Socksanthropology buff in the family or circle of friends, because then you know how hard it is to find a gift for them. Other than books, there’s really not much out there that will entertain the osteologist in your family.

If you have faced such a dilemma, or anticipate facing such a problem, look no further. Thanks to Neatorama and Nerd Approved, I’ve come accross a place to buy these anatomically correct bone socks, from They are a great gift to give a anthropologist.

Granted they are right under $20 and that makes them a bit expensive for a pair of commodity socks that one can truthfully only sport without shame at a physical anthropologist’s meeting… but they are great gifts to give. I speak from experience. I was given this gift from my good friend Sean, and it was really thoughtful because of my personal interests in bones of the hands and feet.

P.S. – Someone commented on the Neatorama thread that Sock Dreams also sells them.