2,000 year old Stone Adzes from Tuamotus reveal Polynesian Trading Capabilities

Kenneth Collerson and Marshall Weisler the University of Queensland, Australia have been studying 19 2,000 year old adzes which were excavated in the 1930's from coral atolls in the Tuamotus, in the Pacific. Adzes are type of stone tool that function like a pick and resemble an axe. Their research, "Stone Adze Compositions and the... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth XXIV @ Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza

The 24th edition of this blog carnival is now up and running, and with well over a dozen articles contributed by a similar number of people, there's a very good mix of material covering a wide variety of topics, so head on over to Paddy K's, and check it out for yourself. As I mentioned... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth – future editions

The next edition of Four Stone Hearth is due out this Wednesday, courtesy of Paddy K's Swedish Extravaganza, so there's still time to get those submissions in, if you haven't already done so. The following 4SH will be the 25th, and as far as I can tell, this is, despite a slight calendrical discrepancy, being... Continue Reading →

Dmanisi’s Paleoanthropological Importance

Tommorrow, Nature will be publishing a new study of the Dmanisi fossil specimens. In preparation, I'm gonna introduce you to the importance of the Dmanisi site, overview the human fossils that have come out of it, and the related debates. Firstly, Dmanisi is a rich paleoanthropological and archaeological site in Georgia. Multiple lines of evidence... Continue Reading →

University of California Press Book Sale

The University of California Press is holding their annual book sale. There are some awesome books offered for really cheap. The range of selection is pretty impressive as well, everything from anthropology to wine and viticulture. Here's a round up of books I want to buy. Frans de Waal's "My Family Album: Thirty Years of... Continue Reading →

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