Las Cuevas del Monte Castillo, Cantabria, Spain

I recently visited a couple of Palaeolithic painted cave sites, namely Las Monedas and El Castillo, and have written them up at Remote Central, along with links to images both outside the caves, along with a few I scanned from a brochure my guide very kindly gave me at the end of my two tours – no photography is allowed inside the caves, and I’m very grateful to her for her generosity, as it allows me to share some of what I saw within the caves.

Picture albums can be viewed at Picasa, by clicking here, here and here.

Before that, I also visited the Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueologia in Santander, and although there is an accompanying picture album for that as well, I haven’t yet finished uploading images to it, which might take a day or two yet. (TJ)

One thought on “Las Cuevas del Monte Castillo, Cantabria, Spain

  1. I can’t wait to read about the Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueologia and see the photos!

    Thanks for sharing what you already got, I especially like this one, because it to me it communicates how frustrated the prehistoric artist was with screwing up his or her painting. Or maybe he or she was way ahead of their time and attempting to do some post-modern art technique?



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