Watch Out! The Anthropologists are Coming!

There’s some bloggable news about how Neandertals didn’t die off due to climate change, which challenges a study from last year. But given that it is Friday, I’m not gonna post about it now.

Instead, I wanna wish y’all a good weekend. I hope this Gary Larson Far Side comic will put as big of a smile on your face as it did mine. Thanks for Eric of the Primate Diaries for finding this gem.

UPDATE (Feb. 4th, 2008): A representative of Gary Larson sent me a take-down notice. They asked for me to remove this cartoon. I’m complying to avoid legal action from them, even though they didn’t threaten to escalate it to that level. In lieu of the cartoon, that we all enjoyed in good humor, I’ll be including a screen shot of the email I received. Feel free to send any correspondence in regards to this issue to Andrea Fryrear, the lady representing Creators Syndicate.

Gary Larson’s Take Down Email

9 thoughts on “Watch Out! The Anthropologists are Coming!

  1. Hey. What happened to this one? It’s nearly the following Friday here. I’m really looking forward to it.

    I guess we all really know the process by which Neandertals disappeared. Much the same as the process by which Australian and Tasmanian Aborigines as well as Native North Americans have largely disappeared.

    Love the cartoon, as usual with Larson.

  2. Terry, forgive me for being naive but I can’t quite figure out what you’re asking for. Did you want coverage on Neandertal extinction or not?

  3. Sorry Kambiz. I was looking for a link to the study regarding it not being because of climate change. However have since found it elsewhere. Thanks for the alert.

  4. I need some help. I’ve been trying to determine the best estimates as to when man first understood that copulation led to pregnancy. I’ve been looking under the “history of birth control” and found a few items. Do any of you have an idea as to how to proceed?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. John, first off, are really serious? Not to be demeaning or anything, but most people understand that copulation leading to pregnancy is an instinct. What are sort of evidence are you looking for?

    Secondly, this thread to this post on a Gary Larson’s cartoon is not a free for all forum. If you want to ask questions, please use the contact form.

  6. Kaitlin, your comment is off topic. Please consider using the contact form next time. As far as your comment, you should know there’s 3 sub disciplines within anthropology and hundreds of institutions that have their strengths. What aspect of anthropology are you interested in? Archaeology? Culture? Biology?


  7. What is the significance Anthropology to our modern living? I need the highlights on all the categories of Anthropology.

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