There’s some bloggable news about how Neandertals didn’t die off due to climate change, which challenges a study from last year. But given that it is Friday, I’m not gonna post about it now.

Instead, I wanna wish y’all a good weekend. I hope this Gary Larson Far Side comic will put as big of a smile on your face as it did mine. Thanks for Eric of the Primate Diaries for finding this gem.

UPDATE (Feb. 4th, 2008): A representative of Gary Larson sent me a take-down notice. They asked for me to remove this cartoon. I’m complying to avoid legal action from them, even though they didn’t threaten to escalate it to that level. In lieu of the cartoon, that we all enjoyed in good humor, I’ll be including a screen shot of the email I received. Feel free to send any correspondence in regards to this issue to Andrea Fryrear, the lady representing Creators Syndicate.

Gary Larson’s Take Down Email