Peopling of the Americas: mtDNA tells us of the Beringian Standstill

A new study of over 600 mtDNAs from 20 American and 26 Asian populations is shedding some unique insight on how the Americas were peopled. As you may have been taught, it was thought that the Americas were founded by a not so diverse founding population or two. Before this paper, only about 70 left... Continue Reading →

A Rich Collection of Fossils from Fonelas P-1, Spain

The BBC reports on the discovery of a very abundant collection of fossils unearthed at an ancient hyena den in the Granada region of south-east Spain. The site is named Fonelas P-1, and it is very important. How so? It falls right in between the Pleiocene and Pleistocene which is when early Homo is thoght to have made one... Continue Reading →

Boing Boing shares Bill Bass’ Body Farm

I'm sure at least Afarensis will be happy to know that his undergraduate advisor, Bill Bass and the body farm he has built has debuted on Boing Boing today. It is not everyday that anthropology makes it on that site.Boing Boing ultimately links to an article by Allan Bellows of Damn Interesting, who followed Bill Bass around and documented his research. For... Continue Reading →

Blood Type O is more resistant to Malaria

Both P-ter of Gene Expression and John Hawks have covered the new publication on blood type O and malaria resistance. This is a very well studied marker and very important to human evolution because it has been a major selective force on the human population.  I even isolated my own blood type alleles recently and I'm happy to confirm that I'm... Continue Reading →

Red-haired Neandertals

Razib beat me the the punch on the new news that some Neandertals had red hair. He's managed to write a very thorough and informative post over at Gene Expression. Check it out. Paul Rincon, a reporter for the BBC also has news of this, here. This is a very curious finding and the entire... Continue Reading →

My visit to the Joint Genome Institute

If you're a regular reader of this site, there are some times when my university doesn't come through for me, such as its reluctance to subscribe to Nature and Science. But there are other times when my university really shines, such as on Friday afternoon, when I visited the Joint Genome Institute's Production Genomics Facility... Continue Reading →

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