Four Stone Hearth XXV – Ist Anniversary Edition

I’ve just posted the 25th edition of 4SH over at Remote Central – I know it’s probably still October 9th in some of the more westerly regions of the planet, but over here in Europe, we’re well into the 10th already – and as we’re marking the first birthday of this blog carnival, I decided to make a day of it by publishing 4SH as an early morning special.

As ever, many thanks to everyone who submitted, not only to this edition, but all the previous ones as well; hopefully this tradition will continue, and there will be many more 4SH anniversaries to come in the years that lie ahead.

The next, and 26th edition of Four Stone Hearth, will surface in Lake Blogosphere on October 24th, courtesy of The Primate Diaries, so in the meantime, please feel free to float on over to Remote Central to peruse the current edition.

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