Four Stone Hearth XXVI @ The Primate Diaries

Eric at The Primate Diaries has posted the latest edition of Four Stone Hearth, which as he rightly points out, is the first edition of its second year. And a roaring start it is to this second year, with an impressive array of contributions from around the blogosphere, including entries from a few blogs that were hitherto unknown to me, particularly in the Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology sections, so I’ll look forward to checking out these sites, as well of course all the other entries in the Archaeology and Biological/Evolutionary sections.

The next edition of Four Stone Hearth will be with us in two weeks’ time, and on this occasion will be hosted by Sam Wise over at Sorting Out Science on November 7th. So until then, enjoy reading the current edition, and many thanks to Eric for compiling such a good collection of posts, as well as to everyone who kindly submitted content.

See you all on November 7th.

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