The Jade Trade

Somewhere in PNAS' list of upcoming publications will be a study on the jade trade, specifically an analysis of nephrite jade pieces dating back to 3000 B.C. from Asia. The study was lead by Hsiao-Chun Hung of the Australian National University. These guys sampled ear pendants spanning around 1,000 years. These earrings were from around... Continue Reading →

A Single Main Migration Across Bering Strait?

The web is abuzz over a new publication in PLoS Genetics about a single main migration across Bering Strait. From what I can tell, this new paper, "Genetic Variation and Population Structure," coincides with a recent publication in PLoS One that sampled mtDNA and figured out people moved in waves, but first they spent some... Continue Reading →

New York Times Profiles Ralph Holloway

The New York Times is running a profile of Ralph Holloway, a paleoanthropologist that specializes in brain evolution, one of my favorite subtopics in anthropology. The piece is written by Michael Balter, and it overviews his current project research with Homo floresiensis. In a nutshell, Holloway is on the fence about whether or not Homo... Continue Reading →

Andrew Galvan’s Control

Since I just posted on the topic of repatriation issues in the Bay Area, I got a tip to a current column running in a local news source, SF Weekly on this issue. Ron Russell, the author of the piece, published it under a week ago and it documents the almost incestuous situation caused by... Continue Reading →

Teuku Jacob, in memoriam

I've just read that Teuku Jacob has died a little over a month ago. Both John Hawks and Tim Jones have covered the news in their blogs. I find some conflicting reports on how old he was, Hawks says he was 76 and Jones says he was 77. When I do the math he was... Continue Reading →

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