Four Stone Hearth XXVII – Wednesday Nov 7th – Call For Submissions

The next edition of the anthropology blog carnival 4SH, is due to appear this coming Wednesday at Sorting Out Science, hosted by Sam Wise – so please submit something from your own musings and missives, or even something you like from elsewhere in the blogosphere, direct to Sam – or indeed to Four Stone Hearth direct – although bearing in mind that Martin at Aardvarchaeology is away at the minute, it’s possible he may not be able to gain constant access to the Internet, and forward submissions to the relevant site as he normally does in his role as administrator of 4SH.

If however he indicates that all is as usual, I’ll update this accordingly – see you all on Wednesday.

Update : Monday  Nov. 5th – Martin is back with us again, so if you’d like to submit something for Wednesday’s Four Stone Hearth, you can do so through the normal channels, i.e. by clicking on Four Stone Hearth.

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