Four Stone Hearth – Wed. November 21st – Call For Submissions

As yet another, or more accurately, the 28th edition of the Four Stone Hearth anthropology blog carnival comes winging its way over the horizon, here’s a quick reminder to submit any contributions, be they typed at speed by one’s own hand, or slowly and deliberately culled from the writings of someone else, to Hot Cup of Joe, where Carl Feagans will be waiting to hear from you – if you wish to send something directly to his site you can submit to this address – cfeagans -AT- gmail -DOT- com – or your other option is to send contributions along to, from where they will be swiftly forwarded to Carl.

By the look of the upcoming hosts page at Four Stone Hearth, there should be plenty of hosting vacancies open over the coming weeks and months, should you decide to host a carnival yourself – and to apply for that opportunity, a quick note to would be the best means of communicating your wishes.

See you all Wednesday.

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