Call for help, “Middle Miocene Dispersals of Apes”

Several of my colleagues and I need your help in downloading a digital copy of the following paper. Neither of our university libraries have access to this journal and we really need the paper.

I wanted to ask if you can try downloading the paper for us and sending me a copy. Thanks, here’s the information:

Middle Miocene Dispersals of Apes
Peter Andrews, Jay Kelley
Folia Primatologica
2007;78:328-343 (DOI: 10.1159/00010514)

10 thoughts on “Call for help, “Middle Miocene Dispersals of Apes”

  1. To Carbonfish, thank you for trying. If you want a copy, I recieved the paper from G and Sebastian! And to G and Sebastian, thank you for sending me the paper! I’ve got some reading to do now.


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