Four Stone Hearth 31 at Walking The Berkshires – Wednesday January 2nd – Call for Submissions

The next edition of the anthropology blog carnival Four Stone Hearth will be at Walking The Berkshires, this coming Wednesday, January 2nd, so if you'd like to submit written content of your own, or indeed content you've read elsewhere, please send it along to, or directly to the hosting site itself, greensleevesenviro AT sbcglobal... Continue Reading →

Watch Discovery Channel’s Bone Detectives

I've been on a much needed time out from blogging. The last half dozen or so posts from me have been embarrassingly personal and critical, so I decided to take a hiatus while on vacation to tone down the bitterness. But my break didn't keep me from following current anthropology news. Far from it, I've... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth XXX @ The Greenbelt

The anthropology blog carnival Four Stone Hearth has hit the big three-o, and this time round, FCD Ridger at The Greenbelt is our host, so head on over to read her excellent compilation of posts and essays from around the blogosphere. The next edition of this blog carnival, and the first of 2008, will be... Continue Reading →

A Human Ancestor for the Apes?

Do we really need to consider turning everything upside down by considering the existence of a human ancestor for the apes? This suggestion definitely has the quality of blasphemy against religious doctrine. It just feels wrong and goes against our deeply held beliefs and understanding of the world. However, this is exactly where the evidence... Continue Reading →

Evolution of Lordosis and Pregnancy

The report published in Nature by Whitcome, Shapiro, and Lieberman reports on a longitudinal study of 19 pregnant women to show how the center of gravity moves forward as the pregnancy progresses and also identifies male/female differences in lumbar curvature or lordosis. They make the point that this assembles into a neat evolutionary adaptationist story... Continue Reading →

Digitizing Dance

This short comical clip got me to think if anyone out there has considered digitizing dance? This is can be more than a new type of ethnographic research. One could not only digitize dance as a sort of cultural preservation but one could begin to do really interesting statistics and comparisons of cross cultural dances... Continue Reading →

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