Lucy, the graphic novel from Norbet & Liberatore

Lucy that little australopithecine which we also know as AL 288-1 is quite possibly the most popular fossil hominid known. Her remains have sparked lots of controversy lately, which shows how important and impactful this 3 million year old is to the field of paleoanthropology as well as popular culture. To feed into the pop culture craze, Norbert and Liberatore have created a graphic novel titled, “Lucy.” The site is in French and I don’t know French, so I can’t really give you more information other than that.

Judging from the sample pages the authors put up, the illustrations look very well done. The story line and page layouts remind me less of a graphic novel like Maus or Persepolis and more of the Marvell comics I read as a child. Curious to see an example? Check this one out.

Cover of Lucy, the graphic novel from Norbert & Liberatore

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  1. I like the art very good. Reminds me of Gregg Griffin at Blah Blah Gallery because they can paint any style cartoon or real.

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