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I’ve been on a much needed time out from blogging. The last half dozen or so posts from me have been embarrassingly personal and critical, so I decided to take a hiatus while on vacation to tone down the bitterness. But my break didn’t keep me from following current anthropology news. Far from it, I’ve definately been reading up a lot, I even finished a book that I’ll be reviewing soon.

Discovery Channel’s Bone DetectivesWhen I returned, I stumbled upon a new show on the Discovery Channel that should interest all your forensic anthropology slash archaeology buffs out there. The show is called Bone Detectives, and the premise is to portray how archaeologists and forensic anthropologists reconstruct the daily life of people recovered from archaeological sites. The host is Scotty Brian Moore, and his bio on the show’s site says he’s still wrapping up his dissertation from the University of Washington. He’s got a wealth of experiences and what not though.

The show airs on Monday’s at 10 p.m. starting January 14th, 2008 but there’s a sneak peak of episode 1 on Saturday, Dec 29th 2007, at 10 p.m. The sneak peak episode will cover the unearthing of Mayan warriors, priests and the elite. I wonder if they’ll ever cover what I call the archaeology of the plebeian? It ain’t glamorous as covering dead kings, but often it is more informative on understanding how normal people lived. We’ll see if they cover this aspect of archaeology. The listings of the schedule for the first four episodes doesn’t seem like they’ll be covering anything but royal and religious archaeology.

3 thoughts on “Watch Discovery Channel’s Bone Detectives

  1. greetings,
    having just watched the first episode of this show and finding it quite disappointing, i wonder what your thoughts are on it? while moore clearly has the experience and credentials, the constant pandering to the camera and excessive dumbing down made me crazy. also, from what was documented in the show, his conclusions had no basis in the evidence that was shown…they spent time early in the show discussing how if it was indeed a victim of sacrifice, then there would be evidence of trauma on the bones, but then they never came back to it until they found the skull, which did not seem to me to be clearly linked to the body they found…i don’t know, maybe there were discoveries not included in the final cut of the show…but it still seemed awkward.
    any thoughts?

  2. I gave up on bone detective,,,its more like “bone whisperer” this moron stumbles around bothering archeologists dumbing down what they say for the tv audience, then when time is short always comes up with a glorious history, play by play, with little or no factual basis. He ought to be writing fiction not representing it as factual history.

  3. dear sirs, i had a thought that the caves in your show had bones ,where was the flesh? do you all suppose the compost in the fields was composed of the flesh and ground bonesfrom the cave. hence the blood provided by the king was the special fertilizer.not nessacarily the blood from the actual king.

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