Punctuated Equilibrium drives Language Evolution

Fellow blogger, Simon Greenhill of HENRY, and co-authors published a cool paper evaluating language evolution that just came out in today's issue of Science. The premise behind the paper, "Languages Evolve in Punctuational Bursts," is simple to follow. By comparing related versions, or homologs, of common words between the following language families: Indo-European, Bantu, and... Continue Reading →

Gorillas with Weapons and Mirror Neurons & Macaques

If you don't follow my other blog but are interested in tool use, I just blogged about gorillas who have been seen using clumps of grass and branches as weapons as well as the new research which links macaque tool use and mirror neurons at Primatology.net. John Hawks also covered the macaque & mirror neuron... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth XXXIII @ Greg Laden

The 33rd edition of the anthropology blog carnival Four Stone Hearth is now up and running at Greg Laden, and comes with this recommendation from Greg... This is an exceptionally outstanding set of posts for this or any carnival. I'm sure you will enjoy visiting and reading each and every one of these submissions. He... Continue Reading →

Zimmer & Shubin on Limb Evolution

If you read the overview on limb evolution that I wrote yesterday, I think you maybe interested in watching this 51 minute conversation between Carl Zimmer and Neil Shubin that the Panda's Thumb pointed too.

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