Is the Homo floresiensis phenotype due to mutations in the PCNT gene?


6 thoughts on “Primordial Dwarfism”

  1. Im not sure but my sister died of Marfan syndrom at 32 years of age. She looked very much like children with primorial dwarfism except she was tall. I know marfan affects the filibrin gene. I wonder if anyone is checking for some type of connection? My sister left two children behind. I hope Brandon gets a longer life.

  2. hi im lesley i saw kennady on tlc i think she is cute and amazing how is she doing and how old is she now

  3. Primordial Dwarfism- the little girl with her father and her white jacket. What a little darling. How cute. How old is she and what are their life expentcies?

  4. its shoking to know that this stuff is real

  5. I was looking to see if there have been any studies comparing Homo floresiensis to primordial dwarfs, and so far all I’ve found is the original Nature article that mentions in passing that the features don’t match up. I don’t like this idea anyway, since primordial dwarfism is an extremely rare recessive gene, and an entire 75,000 year population of them seems very unlikely.

    I read about Kenadie, who is 7 now I think, and her condition. Apparently primordial dwarfs don’t tend to live much past their teens, and are extremely delicate, and have a hard time getting enough calories and are very prone to breaking bones. Anyway, Kenadie is doing well, she is in second grade and is receiving extra help for her learning disabilities, and is well accepted by the other children.

    • Dwarfism (and giantism) existed among the Kushite ruling classes that established kingdoms from the Nile to Southern India. In Egypt, we find the image of Bes the dwarf and in India the same image is called Yaksha. Yaksha was also venerated in the area where remains of giants were found in 1936 in central Africa at Lake El-yasi. The Sanskrit word “yaksha” is related to the Kushite word “yashi”. Dwarfs were often people of high status in ancient Egypt. They even served as priests, although by the time of the Jerusalem Temple, it was forbidden for dwarfs to be priests (Lev. 21:17-20). The incidence of dwarfism appears to be due to the fact that the nobles of ancient Egypt and Sudan practiced endogamy.

      A team from Georgetown University Hospital studied biological remains that showed that dwarfism in ancient Egypt was not regarded as a handicap. Instead dwarfs were respected individuals. The same appears to have been true with giants who were referred to as Niphilim Announaki, and Egyptian word (also Hausa).

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