Aside from, “What college/university has the best anthropology program?” I get asked, “How much do anthropologists make?” I will never be able honestly and thoroughly answer either question, but thanks to John Hawks, I think we’ve all have a better idea what the national average salary is for an anthropologist in the United States.

According to data collected from three major sites that specialize in job finding and salaries, the average salary of someone employed in anthropology is $66,861. You can expect a growth rate of 4.9% in the salary a year, based on the data. Unfortunately they only classify ‘anthropologists’ as people who,

“study the origin, cultural development and behavior of humans, [and] recover artifacts to gather information about humans.”

I really don’t know how much of a salary difference there is for anthropologists who work in other fields such as population genetics, medical anthropology, etc. Nevertheless, I think you can now understand that for the most part anthropologists aren’t making the mega bucks…. well at least not in the Bay Area.