The PCR Song by Scientists for Better PCR

One more video to share with you, this time it is an advertisement for a type of machine called a thermal cycler, that I’ve been using a lot for last five months. And by a lot I mean I’ve used one almost every day to run a super top secret set of PCR reactions for a project I’m working on.

A thermal cycler just a really accurate fancy pants oven and refridgerator. What is loaded inside, are tubes full of nucleic acids and a reaction mix, which amplifies the nucleic acids with polymerase enzymes as it heats and cools.  Anyways, this video (somewhat comical and corny) is made by a Bio-Rad, a biotech company that has tried to make a viral video to promote their new line of 1000 Series thermal cyclers. Gotta hand it to them for being one of the first science companies out there to explore a new type of advertisement.

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