1,000 year old Lice on Peruvian Mummies tell us of early human migrations

1 thought on “Chiribaya mummy from Peru showing intact hair that is still braided.”

  1. I realy find it facinating to see how well preserved the Chiribaya mummies are by the Peruvian people. They took great care to remove the intestines and to fill it with lama wool, a jar filled with coco leaves and then wrapped with colourful woolen wrappings. Even the hair and the skin is preserved and the beautiful colourful cloth used to wrap the mummy. With the help of our modern tegnology they can date the mummy by using the coco leaves in the cavity of the body. It is just a pity no written history are found to tell us more of these Purivian people and how they lived. I realy enjoyed the programme that was on Discovery World today. Fantastic archaeology, I just find it very sad that grave robbers do so much damage and destroy evidence from the graves from which we can learn so much. Thank you, Anna Kriel

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