10,000 B.C., the movie

Have you heard about the upcoming movie based upon prehistoric life?

I didn’t, until today.

It is called 10,000 B.C. and I had no idea about it until I caught news of it this morning off of Paleoblog. I guess I’m completely out of the loop. I’ve watched the trailers and understand the movie will be highly fictionalized. That’s okay because the mammoth hunt completely sold me. It is not often that Hollywood decides to make a movie based on prehistoric life.

6 thoughts on “10,000 B.C., the movie

  1. Nor does the visual of a towering Egyptian-like temple look particularly authentic for being 10,000 B.C.. But it does look entertaining.

  2. this movie is like a chick flick gone wrong, at first leading you to believe its all about action and adventure as shown in the trailers but that is not the case turning into a overly fiction love tale don’t let the title fool you.

  3. if you like the idea of wholly mammoths in egypt, then you’ll love this flick. if you want something realistic, stay at home.

  4. As usual, the promos and title are misleading and should be sold on their own as a separate movie…
    The concept is extremely weak but the CG is (in some scenes) really beautiful. The woolly mammoth is a triumph in creature animation I think. As for the gathering of the army of various village/’tribe’ ‘warriors’ reeked of uninformed fantastical morphological bias. Contrasted to the huge morphological variance in the “home” village first encountered. Beware the psuedo mythical one-liners, one of the most prominent the Atlantis (implied)/Alien (implied)/White man (explicit) explanations for the building of the Egyptian pyriamids.
    Note: if the promo/title really excited you – the movie will really irritate you.

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