Introducing Alex Greengaard

So you probably just saw the new post, the one announcing an upcoming linguistic conference on a possible link between the Yeniseic and Na-Dene language families. Well, I, Kambiz Kamrani, did not publish that post. It was actually authored by Alex Greengaard, who’s a new blogger here at Usually, I introduce new contributors to prior to their first post, but I’ve been really sick and been out of commission for the last 5 days. That’s why I haven’t posted until today. I extend my apologies to you all and Alex for dropping the ball.

I’m sure you wanna know more about Alex. He’s a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, and specialized in Linguistic Anthropology. He’s got close ties to Jane Hill and Lyle Campbell. He now teaches social sciences at La Paloma Academy in Tuscon, Arizona. His anthropological interests shouldn’t be surprising, given that he did focus on linguistic anthropology. Nonetheless, here’s some of them:

  • The linguistic varieties of English
  • Sound change in Polynesian languages
  • Language and astronomy in Africa
  • Assimilation codeswitching and obsolescence in music
  • Dialects in theatre

He’s also a musician, a swimmer, a cycler, a illustrator and actor.

I welcome Alex to our blog, I really appreciate that he’s made the effort to contact me, show interest in volunteering, and following through by posting his first post regardless of my absentminded neglect to introduce him. Again, I’m sorry. I’m sure you all will appreciate him too, until now, the anthropology blogosphere did not really have an active front in linguistics.

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