What was the cause of the woolly mammoth extinction? Climate change or hunting?

The following post doesn't directly have much to do with anthropology. Indirectly, it sure does, especially to those out there that study human population expansions and the Pleistocene-Holocene transition or even anthropologists interested in prehistoric paleoenvironments and the context of how people were living and what they were doing during that time. Anyways, this post... Continue Reading →

More on Vajda’s Siberian-Na-Dene Language Link

National Geographic News has just published an article about the recent symposium in Alaska regarding a possible connection between Yeniseic languages in Siberia and Na-Dene languages in the Americas. John Roach's article, Siberian, Native American Languages Linked -- A First, highlights the recent work of Edward Vajda, who defended his connection during the February symposium.... Continue Reading →

I Love Lucy

Major kudos goes out to Simon of HENRY, who found this awesome shirt: Even though that ain't Lucy's skull -- she wasn't found with a complete one... I still want one on these shirts! Actually, I drew this skull in 2006!

A Multivariate Analysis of Orrorin tugenensis and the Ancestry of Bipedalism

Tomorrow's issue of the Science will host a reinvestigation of the famous (or infamous?) Orrorin tugenensis. The study, "Orrorin tugenensis Femoral Morphology and the Evolution of Hominin Bipedalism," comes from William Jungers and Brian Richmond. Their shtick is that their results indicate Orrorin's bipedality was like that of early Australopithecus. This conclusion, albeit not too... Continue Reading →

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