I Love Lucy

Major kudos goes out to Simon of HENRY, who found this awesome shirt:

I Love Lucy Tshirt

Even though that ain’t Lucy’s skull — she wasn’t found with a complete one… I still want one on these shirts!

Actually, I drew this skull in 2006!

Drawing of a Australopithecine Skull

6 thoughts on “I Love Lucy

  1. I managed to make it to Houston to see Lucy and they have their own twist on that same shirt. It says ” ‘I love “Lucy” ‘ and then next to it is a drawing of her skeleton. I, of course, had to buy one. I’ll see if I can get a picture of it and send it. I tried looking at museum’s website to see if they had one available but I couldn’t find one. Maybe that is because I haven’t had coffee yet…

  2. I am getting ready to send them to you. Just wanted to let you know prior to sending them…


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