Voice for the Voiceless

Michael Callahan of Ambient Corp. in Champaign, Ill. and the University of Illinois has recently introduced The Audeo, a thought-to-speech interfacing device which acquires and converts neurological signals into vocalizations. The device allows users to communicate with a computer much in the way voice recognition software does. However, instead of encrypting wave patterns detected in... Continue Reading →

Mutatons in VLDLR gene in the Quadrupeds from Turkey

Remember in 2005-06 when there was a whole lot of buzz about the quadrupedal siblings in Turkey? There first was this paper, "Cerebellar hypoplasia and quadrupedal locomotion in humans as a recessive trait mapping to chromosome 17p," and then there was this paper, "A new syndrome with quadrupedal gait, primitive speech, and severe mental retardation... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth XXXVI @ Afarensis

The 36th edition of the Four Stone Hearth anthropology blog carnival is being hosted over at Afarensis, and as ever we are treated to a good and eclectic mix of what's been catching the eyes of various anthro-bloggers this past week or two. Next time round we'll be nipping over to Hot Cup of Joe,... Continue Reading →

Living Ink in Pacific and United States Tattoo

Sincere thanks to Kambiz Kamrani for asking about the motivation and meaning behind my book Tattooing the World: Pacific Designs in Print and Skin (Columbia University Press, 2008). The book is inspired first by sheer love of the designs and their meanings. What an amazing story it is to consider the way modern tattoo was... Continue Reading →

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