Microwear analysis on Paranthropus boisei teeth implies form may not equal function

A brand new study in the open access journal PLoS One reports on the results of an analysis of the microwear on the teeth of Paranthropus boisei (also known as Australopithecus boisei). The results contest what we've all along assumed was going on with the form and the function of these robust australopithecine teeth. I... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of World Atlas of Language Structures online?

About a week ago, Michael from Greater Blogazonia broke the news of the World Atlas of Language Structures Online (WALS) database release. Following suite was Mark from The Ideophone, and Simon from HENRY. All three are lingustic anthropology focused blogs that I follow and trust, and they all praised this database. I've been poking around... Continue Reading →

The Genealogy of Kwaday Dän Ts’inchi

In 1999, hunters looking for sheep stumbled upon the remains of a man in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, British Columbia, Canada. The man was found at the foot of a glacier. After reporting the discovery, a team of archaeologists and forensic anthropologists worked with the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations to recover the remains. His affiliation wasn't... Continue Reading →

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