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There’s so much anthropology news all of a sudden, I’m gonna do my best to share them with you but I can’t promise I’ll cover it all. This first tidbit is of an archaeological find from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. Archaeologist Karin Beckman-Thoor tells the BBC News that she and her crew found over 470 coins from the Middle East at this site. The clincher is that they are around 1,300 years old! Karin said,

“Most of the coins were minted in Baghdad and Damascus, but some came from Persia and North Africa…”

There aren’t many specifics of the site, maybe Martin knows a bit more about it. All we know was that it was an Iron Age hoard site, and since the coins date from the 7th to 9th Century, that indicates it was most likely the Vikings who cashed these coins. Vikings are known to have traveled widely, and before this find we knew that they made it to North Africa and Constantinople, perhaps it was in Constantinople where these coins were picked up? Or did they make it deeper in to the East?