A New Homo erectus Mandible from Thomas I Quarry in Casablanca, Morocco

John Hawks shares with us news of a new hominid discovery. Similar to the post from a couple days ago, this is news of mandible of Homo erectus. Unlike the Serbian mandibular fragment, this is a complete jaw and was discovered at the Thomas I quarry near Casablanca by a French-Moroccan team co-led by CRNS... Continue Reading →

Cross Cultural Burial Rituals

I stumbled upon this list of 10 'extraordinary' burial ceremonies that I want to pass onto you. Since we're a anthropology focused community, it is very possible that you've heard of most of these rituals. I knew of several of them, but learned some new things as well. The following are ones I found particularly... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Race

Introduction Before I dive into the concept of race, I just want to thank Kambiz for this opportunity to broaden not only my perspectives but everyone else’s as well. I am very excited to discuss subjects that interest me and make people think critically about culture and society. I am looking forward to this personal... Continue Reading →

An Arab in Roman Iron-Age Denmark

Ancient mtDNA from 22 individuals from two sites in Southern Denmark have been isolated, sequenced and analyzed. The two sites are Bøgebjerggård and Skovgaarde. On the map to your right, they are marked as B for Bøgebjerggård and S for Skovgaarde. They date to the Danish Roman Iron-Age period, or approximately 2000 to 1600 years... Continue Reading →

More on Cultural Evolution

Cultural evolution has been a pretty active and heated topic in the anthropology blogosphere, especially between Martin, afarensis, and I. Afarensis continued the discussion today, returning to this topic but on the projectile point scope. In some sort of weird coincidence, the professional press has also chimed in -- not explicitly on projectile points, but... Continue Reading →

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